Enable autonomous precision manufacturing


Achieve Level 5 autonomous machining wherein CNC machines can make decisions about how to machine a part using a blueprint or CAD drawing as input without any need for human intervention


To help accelerate the shift towards autonomous manufacturing on ground and in space to help unlock new possibilities

Creating the bridge to autonomous precision manufacturing by enabling software-defined machining

Helping machine shops increase productivity by generating actionable insights on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine data and increasing the level of machining autonomy



CNC machine data is seldom analyzed

The data needs real-time conversion to actionable insights to make it worthy for shop floor supervisors / machinists and help them in optimizing production processes.

Lambda Function's Intelligent Control System (ICS) software leverages advanced analytics and machine learning on
real-time process parameter data from CNC machines and combines it with contextual (shop floor and engineering) data to support effective decision-making and help machine shops increase productivity.

- Achieve higher machine uptime

- Enhance yield

- Increase throughput

- Optimize annual spend on the tool maintenance

- Improve staff productivity

To know how the ICS platform starts adding immediate value through real-time analytics check our product demo.



What a machinist does

today is nothing other than

use algorithms in his brain

C-suite executive, Aerospace Manufacturer

This will be similar to

launching Windows for CNC machining

Director of Engineering, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

An intelligent control system will be
game-changing for

the CNC industry

CNC machine shop supervisor, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center


Unlocking new possibilities

Lambda Function R&D

In precision manufacturing, automating  machining processes is critical for business profitability and sustainability given the burgeoning technical skills gap. Today's CNC machines require skilled programmers and operators but existing machinists are retiring. Unfortunately, not enough young talent is getting the adequate training.


We believe an intelligent control system can create the bridge to autonomous precision manufacturing with increasing levels of machining autonomy. 

Lambda Function's ICS aims to increase manufacturing autonomy by augmenting existing CNC machine programmers and operators using software-defined machining.

Our R&D brings together interdisciplinary expertise to help realize our vision. 



Move beyond Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring.


Lambda Function's ICS helps machine shops increase OEE and staff productivity by incorporating a higher degree of control intelligence on their shop floor.



Production management

Provides actionable reports to shop floor supervisors to support improvements in CNC programming and production planning

Tracks and analyzes process parameters from all CNC assets through a single intuitive dashboard

Records and analyzes historical trends related to machining processes and cutting tools to enable data-driven decisions

Uptime & Yield management

Combines process parameter data with contextual shop floor and engineering data to provide real-time decision support to machine operators

Enables timely anomaly detection of key process parameters to support easy, data-driven root-cause analysis of production adverse events


Predicts unplanned downtime / quality non-conformity events helping increase machine uptime and yield*

Throughput & Tool Life management

Tracks and analyzes cutting tool utilization in real-time to prevent tool overload or disengagement

Enables a data-driven approach to cutting tool life management by tracking degradation in real-time and predicting Remaining Useful Life (RUL)


Allows dynamic closed-loop process controls, including online/offline recommendations to adjust critical parameters*

*Expected release in 2023


The key advantage

Lambda Function's ICS enables increasing levels of machining autonomy on the precision manufacturing shop floor. We aim to eliminate the need for constant supervision of CNC machines and empower machinists with reliable intelligence.

Every machine shop is unique in their machining processes; and therefore, we needed a solution that can accommodate the varying needs of our customers.

As a result, machine learning is core to our product development. It allows Lambda Function's ICS to adapt to the specific machining processes of each customer, continuously learn and self-improve, and scale to support the broad needs of our customers' machine shop and their respective industries.

ICS utilizes process parameter data, shop floor data, and engineering data to provide actionable insights. This data serves as the fuel to train and fine-tune ICS as per the customer's needs.


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Aerospace and Defense

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Semiconductor Fabrication

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Industrial Machinery

Car Factory

Our Philosophy

Autonomous manufacturing is a journey

Lambda Function firmly believes autonomous manufacturing is a journey, not a destination. A journey not to be traveled alone, but together.


With complex problems in the industry, a diverse set of expertise is required across the value chain for the successful implementation and deployment of advanced manufacturing solutions. Hence, we believe the true value lies in a collaborative effort.

We are bringing together expertise from some of the world's leading research institutions, incubators, and technology firms that are on a mission of pioneering the new wave of autonomous manufacturing.


Lambda Function's ICS delivers insights related to machining shop floors, and this is possible as we have built a strategic ecosystem that consists of supporters from across the digital manufacturing value chain.


Our growing ecosystem consists of leading research institutions, incubators, and technology providers.


Lambda Function continues to grow as more entities become part of this ecosystem.


Shown list is not exhaustive


Lambda Function is NSF SBIR phase 1 awardee

Meet the Team


Tanmay Aggarwal

Founder and CEO

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Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

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Marc Evers


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Frank Konieczny


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