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Software that augments
CNC machining with
Artificial Intelligence

Powering the next-generation of CNC programmers & machine operators


Enable autonomous precision machining


Level 5 autonomous machining, when CNC machines can make decisions without any need for human guidance / intervention


To help accelerate the shift towards autonomous manufacturing on ground and in space to help unlock new possibilities


Machining data holds tremendous potential from CAD-to-Part

Lambda Function's software combines decades of CNC machining domain knowledge with the latest advancements in computer science and artificial intelligence, to deliver new tools that augment the technical workforce.


Precision component manufacturers are guaranteed 10x+ ROI driven by:

- Higher machine uptime

- Reduced rework & scrap

- Optimized spend on cutting tools

- Increased staff productivity

- Reduced programming time, weeks to days

- Improved forecasting of machining costs

To know how Lambda Function starts adding immediate value, schedule a free demo with our team and try for free.


Lambda Machining Software

  • Integrates with CAD/CAM software

  • Integrates with CNC machines

  • Continuously learns and self-improves

  • Augments technical workforce


AI-Assisted Generative Programming

Recommends optimal machining strategies, cutting tools, and parameters based on feature type, geometry, other characteristics & material removal physics

Real-Time  Load Monitoring

Auto-generates baseline patterns and compares against real-time loads to prevent risk of overloads, disengagements, & spikes

Real-Time Tool Life Monitoring

Recommends cutting tool changes on the shop floor based on real-time data on utilization helping mitigate tool wastage / breakages

Continuous Kaizen  Insights

Auto-generates a wide range of insights & notifications to supercharge kaizen initiatives on the shop floor

Adverse Event  Avoidance

Recommends and / or auto-reduces feeds & speeds via overrides to mitigate adverse events and machining risks*

*Expected release in 2025


Today, machinists essentially use algorithms from experience; Adding AI is the natural evolution

C-suite executive, Aerospace Manufacturer

An Intelligent Control System is game-changing for the industry

CNC machine shop supervisor, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center

Autonomous machining is the future - You guys are paving the way

Lead NC Programmer, Diversified Manufacturer

This will be similar to

launching Windows for the CNC machining industry

Director of Engineering, Medical Equipment Manufacturer

Accelerate the manufacturing renaissance by augmenting CNC machining with AI


Move beyond Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring.


Lambda Function helps precision component manufacturers augment their technical workforce with AI software and unlock significant productivity gains across CNC programming and production.

In precision manufacturing, automating machining processes is critical for business profitability and sustainability given the burgeoning technical skills gap crisis.

Today, CNC machines require skilled programmers and operators, but existing workforce is retiring. Unfortunately, not enough young talent is getting the adequate training.

Generative machining software is helping create the bridge to autonomous precision manufacturing, with increasing levels of machining autonomy. 

Our R&D brings together interdisciplinary expertise to help realize our vision



The key advantage

Each machining process and manufacturing environment is unique; and therefore, the industry needed software solutions that could accommodate the varying needs of the market.

Until now, this constraint limited the impact software could have in precision machining, resulting in a huge dependency on the availability and access to experienced CNC programmers & machine operators.

Key developments in this past decade have set the stage for a new wave of software innovation:

  1. Industry-standard data communication protocols have unlocked previously inaccessible machine -generated data;

  2. Increasing recognition of Industry 4.0 benefits have triggered a new adoption behavior; and

  3. Advancements in Cloud Computing & AI/ML have made it easier to innovate.

Lambda Function was founded with these constraints and opportunities in mind. The key advantage was having the ability to combine decades worth of CNC machining domain knowledge with the latest advancements of computer science & artificial intelligence.

Machine learning is core to the product development. It allows Lambda Function's software to adapt to the specific machining processes of each customer, continuously learn & self-improve, and scale to support the broad needs of our customers' manufacturing environments.

Lambda Function's software leverages machine -generated data, shop floor contextual data, and CAD/CAM data to provide an AI-augmented experience to CNC programmers & machine operators. This data fuels the training and fine-tuning of algorithms to each customer's unique machining needs.

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Car Factory

Our Philosophy

Autonomous manufacturing is a journey

Lambda Function firmly believes autonomous manufacturing is a journey, not a destination. A journey not to be traveled alone, but together.


With complex problems in the industry, a diverse set of expertise is required across the value chain for the successful implementation and deployment of advanced manufacturing solutions. Hence, we believe the true value lies in a collaborative effort.

We are bringing together expertise from some of the world's leading research institutions, incubators, and technology firms that are on a mission of pioneering the new wave of autonomous manufacturing.

Meet the Team


Tanmay Aggarwal

Founder and CEO

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René Barakett

Co-Founder and CPO

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Marc Evers


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Mus Chagal


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Frank Koniecsky photo_edited.jpg

Frank Konieczny


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Our growing ecosystem consists of leading research institutions, incubators, and technology providers.


Lambda Function continues to grow as more entities become part of this ecosystem.


Shown list is not exhaustive

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Pier 9, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA - 94111  

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  • What do we mean by autonomous manufacturing, and how is Lambda Function an enabler?
    Autonomous manufacturing goes beyond industry 4.0 and refers to increased control intelligence in manufacturing operations. According to a research study published by Roland Berger in 2019, the degree of automation and control intelligence define autonomy levels in factories. Both are measured on a scale of 0 to 5, where 5 translates to maximum control intelligence. At Lambda Function, we aim to facilitate precision manufacturing by providing higher levels of control intelligence. The software, at present, intends to caters to level 3 autonomy. In the next phases of R&D, we intend to develop solutions that go up to level 5 autonomy.
  • Are any capital costs or investments required to integrate Lambda Function software?
    Lambda Function software, at present, doesn't need any capital costs or external hardware. However, future versions and use cases may require integration with other platforms or assets.
  • How do we leverage strategic partners?
    Lambda Function collaborates with multiple types of entities and makes them a part of its growing ecosystem. These types include: R&D institutions specifically focused on advanced manufacturing, machining, and industrial data science IT solution vendors dealing in shop floor solutions and product lifecycle management solutions IoT hardware/software vendors like sensor OEMs and connectivity solution providers respectively Cutting tool OEMs CNC machine OEMs. Digital transformation integrators and more Therefore, we collaborate with leading companies across domains to help accelerate our R&D and go-to-market roadmaps.
  • Which industries do we serve?
    Lambda Function intends to serve across industries and help solve the pain points that arise in precision manufacturing. Currently, we focus on aerospace, defense, automotive, semiconductor, and industrials. However, with our constant R&D and subject expertise, we continue to broaden our reach and services.
  • How is Lambda Function's software different from other platforms?
    Lambda Function's focus is on enabling machining autonomy by augmenting CNC programmers & operators with AI. Our software combines decades of CNC machining domain knowledge with the latest advancements in computer science and artificial intelligence to deliver new tools to the industry. It integrates with existing CAD/CAM software and CNC machines, continuously learns & self-improves, and delivers immediate ROI. A more detailed understanding of the software can be obtained by scheduling a free demo with our team.
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