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Key Benefits of Lambda Function ICS Adoption

Industry 4.0 has infused intelligence, connectivity, and agility into machines, production lines, and control systems, heralding a new digital age and ecosystem. It is transforming the operational capabilities of CNC precision machines, ultimately ushering in a higher level of machine autonomy. Powered by Industry 4.0 technologies like machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and industrial Internet of things (IIoT), these machines can learn skills autonomously and adapt to changing instructions and uncertain operational conditions in real-time, requiring limited or no human intervention. They provide high processing accuracy and efficiency and can self-diagnose and rectify faults. Their intelligent control system (ICS) derives information from process sensors to autonomously adjust process functions, including cutting speed and depth. These smart machines facilitate self-calibration, vibration and thermal compensation, and remote maintenance activities. Further, the Internet of things (IoT) enables these intelligent machines to be connected to other machines and communicate or share information among them through embedded software and sensors.

At Lambda Function, we are building an ICS that analyzes and processes vast amounts of CNC precision machining data which is usually under-utilized today. Combining machine-generated process parameter data with critical shop floor and engineering data helps unlock a completely new level of advanced analytics to facilitate real-time decision-making on the shop floor involving processes such as advanced process optimization and risk prevention. Further, the self-learning ability of the platform enables it to assimilate process specific knowledge over time and provide ever-improving insights to support overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and staff productivity improvement. All in all, it helps enable precision manufacturers to exercise a higher degree of control intelligence on their machining shop floor.

Driven by advanced analytics and machine learning, in combination with machining physics & mathematics, Lambda Function's ICS is helping CNC machine shops uncover hidden patterns of inefficiencies across NC programming and machining shop operations, and prescribe appropriate actions to achieve improvement results. Unstructured and structured data is carefully pre-processed and cleansed in real-time before getting transformed into insights targeting OEE improvement and operational spend reduction. Lambda Function's ICS is geared toward enhancing machining autonomy on the shop floor, thus reducing the variability and unpredictability that drives up non-recurring and recurring costs of production today. Lambda Function's ICS can adapt to the specific machining processes of each customer, continuously learn and self-improve, and scale to support the varying needs of our customers' machine shops and their respective industries.

Key Benefits of Adopting Lambda Function ICS.

Increase Cutting Performance:

  • Increase cycle time and machine utilization by uncovering programming inefficiencies

  • Track cutting performance across programs, machines, cells, and the entire shop floor

  • Identify patterns and trends over time and proactively receive recommendations

  • Leverage insights and reports to support future programming and production planning

Reduce Shop Risks:

  • Increase machine uptime and yield by gaining visibility across various sources of risks

  • Flag manual overrides, tool overloads / disengagements, machine warnings, and process anomalies in real-time

  • Track risks across programs, machines, cells, and the entire shop floor

  • Identify patterns and trends over time and proactively receive recommendations

Optimize Cutting Tools Utilization:

  • Improve throughput and optimize cutting tools spend by monitoring tool degradation in real-time to inform tool changes on the shop floor

  • Track tool utilization across programs, machines, cells, and the entire shop floor

  • Identify patterns and trends over time and proactively receive recommendations

Learn more about our ICS platform by requesting a product demo here.

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